Whole Home Leak Detection.

Proven. Trusted.

Meet the industry-leading Flo by Moen Smart Water System. A suite of products that work together to protect your home from supply-side and drain-side (sinks, toilets, etc) water damage and leaks, 24/7.

Welcome to smarter plumbing.

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Water damage is 5x more likely than theft, and 6x more likely than fire.

Meet Flo by Moen.
The Smart Water Security System.

Save Water. Save Money.

Leaks that go undetected waste hundreds of gallons per month, which leads to an unexpectedly high water bill.

Customizable Security

Whatever your need, the Flo by Moen Smart Home Water Security System is designed to be customizable for all homes.

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Daily Peace of Mind

Feel confident that your home is protected from water damage and leaks, 24/7 with daily pressure-loss tests on your home's plumbing system.

The Power of Water In Your Hands

The Flo by Moen App allows you to control your home’s water at your fingertips.

Real Flo Stories

  • Robert from Georgia

“My Shutoff has already saved us from 2 very large leaks that could have cost us thousands of dollars and ruined our retirement plans. Thank you!!"

— Robert W.



A small drip was detected during a Health Test. Tap here for more info.

Water Damage Prevention Tailored To You

Secure and protect every corner of your home from water damage and leaks with Flo by Moen’s new ecosystem of products

Smart Water Shutoff

Installs on your main water line. Controllable by your smartphone.

Smart Water Detector

Place anywhere in your home vulnerable to leaks.

FloProtect Plan

An unrivaled layer of security with on-demand expert advice and financial protection against the worst water damage events.

24/7 Monitoring

Whether you’re home or away, the Smart Water Shutoff is constantly monitoring your home, detecting leaks of all sizes.

Automatic Daily Health Tests

Runs daily Health Tests with MicroLeak™  technology to ensure that your home is leak-free.

Alerts, Diagnostics, & Smartphone Control

If an issue is detected with your home’s plumbing, receive alerts in real-time from your Flo by Moen App.

Remote & Automatic Water Shut-off

If a catastrophic water event is detected, the Smart Water Shutoff will automatically turn off your home’s water in order to prevent water damage. Also, control your home’s water remotely through the app.



FloProtect Plan

24/7 Monitoring

Automatic Daily Health Tests

Alerts, Diagnostics, & Smartphone Control

Remote & Automatic Water Shut-off

Save Money On Home Insurance

By installing a Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff you may be eligible for a lower monthly premium from your insurer. Combined with the noticeable reduction in your water bill, the Smart Water Shutoff pays for itself.
Confirm with your carrier before purchasing. Incentives vary by state.