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5 Ways You’re Wasting Water Without Knowing It

Environment September 6, 2018
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Even for the most environmentally conscious homeowners, there are countless ways water could be slipping through the cracks. From the minor to the major, here are a few ways to reduce your water consumption from home.

1. Letting the faucet run while washing dishes

You could be wasting up to 27 gallons of water by washing a load of dishes by hand with the faucet running! Instead, fill up your sink with warm water, plug the drain, and scrub your dishes in the sink one by one. Let the crusted dishes soak for a minute or two beforehand. You’ll only use 2-5 gallons with this method!

2. Leaving the lights on

Although it might not impact your home’s water utility bill, leaving the lights on (and wasting energy in general) impacts our global water usage. The energy we need to power our homes is produced at hydroelectric power plants which need copious amounts of cool water to spin turbines and cool down generators. By reducing your energy usage at home, you can also help reduce the stress placed on power production.

3. Buying bottled water

Instead of buying bottled water and contributing to our plastic waste problem, simply buy a good water filter instead. Even if the tap water in your city doesn’t taste great, there are plentiful options for water filters that run from very inexpensive (like Brita) to great-tasting, premium purifiers (like Berkey). You’ll be surprised how good the water can taste if you invest in a high-quality water filter.

4. Flushing your toilet too often

Depending on the model of toilet, you could be wasting anywhere from 1.6 gallons all the way up to 7 gallons per flush. Whenever possible, try to limit the number of flushes per day. This means not flushing down a tissue, a sole piece of floss, or anything else that should be disposed of in the trash. Feel free to adopt the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” practice if it suits everyone in the home.

5. Ignoring micro leaks

Micro leaks are tiny, pinhole-sized leaks in your pipes. It may not seem like an urgent problem, but unresolved micro leaks can lead to substantial water loss over time, or even mold and water damage. With Flo, a smart home water monitoring and leak protection system, you will be notified about abnormalities in your home’s plumbing system. This includes anything from a microleak, a running faucet, or a pipe burst. If the issue detected is severe enough, Flo will automatically shut off your home’s water to protect it. Also, you can set water conservation goals and track your home’s water usage!  With this single smart home device, you can save thousands of gallons over the course of a year.


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