Flo Joins Hardware Club

Company December 8, 2017
Roarke O'Brien

Earlier this week Flo Technologies was accepted as the newest member of the Hardware Club, a prestigious community of like minded hardware startups that share resources and ideas amongst one another.  They are credited as being a leader in the “Hardware Revolution” and we are excited to join them on the front lines.

This honor puts us in great company which includes over 100 promising, hardware startups from 20 countries, all addressing a range of issues from transportation (Hyperloop Transport) to wearables (Misfit) and everything in between.  It will also provide Flo with unprecedented access to an esteemed executive team and notable advisory board, comprised of some of the Tech and VC industries brightest stars.  On top of that, the Hardware Club community boasts vital partnerships within the manufacturing and distribution markets, which will be key for Flo in the coming year.

We are thrilled to be part of this exclusive community and are looking forward to exploring the many ways in which the Hardware Club team and partners will assist us in bringing Flo into every home. 

For more on Hardware Club, check out what Techcrunch had to say or visit their website to learn more and sign up for their mailing list.