Your Data. More Control. Free. Forever.
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Your Data. More Control. Free. Forever.

Gabe Halimi
Gabe Halimi
Gabe Halimi

This article provides an overview of the Flo By Moen features included in our most recent release. If you are interested in learning more about new customizable settings for your water security, click here. To see what the new, value-added FloProtect Plan is all about, click here!

We are very excited to announce the latest v4.10.0 of the Flo by Moen App. Included in this release is a robust series of updates for your Smart Water Security System that not only expands on existing features, but also unlocks new benefits for all Flo by Moen users!

Hint: No more subscription needed to access your data.

Read on to learn about all the exciting new features. And don’t forget to update your Flo by Moen App to unlock it all.

Now free for all:

We unlocked two key features for all users to enjoy for free: Usage by Fixture & the Flo Insurance Verification Letter. While we expanded access to all, we also made our FloProtect Plan even better! To learn more about our all-new FloProtect Plan, click here.

Usage by Fixture

Everyone can now see Usage by Fixture in their Flo by Moen App! Each water event is now automatically assigned to the corresponding fixture.

Important: Knowledge is power. And with power comes responsibility. While the Smart Water Shutoff is constantly learning, everyone’s home is different. Remember to verify and categorize your fixture data on the Flo by Moen app. This will help your Smart Water Shutoff accurately learn how your home uniquely uses water. To verify or make changes to your Usage by Fixture data, simply press the circle next to each event and select the options on the pop-up screen(s).

Check it out now on your app home screen.

Save Money With an Insurance Verification Letter - Free for All Users

Everyone now has the option to save even more money by submitting an official Flo by Moen verification letter to their insurance carrier. Download and show your home insurance provider you're secure, which may mean lower premiums on eligible policies!

The letter verifies that your home's supply line is protected and proactively monitored by the industry-leading Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff. Contact your home insurance company for details on any discounts or rebates for having your home protected with an automatic water shutoff device like Flo by Moen.

You can find your free Insurance Verification Letter in the Location Settings of the Flo by Moen App or by logging in to the user portal at

More Data, More Control

Not only did we free your data, we also added more, while also giving all users the tools to customize their Shutoff's unique FloSense™ with enhanced control options.

Sensor Trends - Live and in-motion

Flow Rate Sensor Trends Full Screen

If you weren't already frequently opening your app to check on usage data, go ahead and commit to putting your feet up to watch now. View your pressure and flow rates changing in real-time. You can even expand it to full screen to view your sensor trends historically for the past day, week, or watch as changes in real-time!

Making sense of FloSense™

Lastly, but certainly not least, we’ve added even more control options for users to customize their FloSense™ water security levels and the related alerts you receive. FloSense™ is the underlying AI technology that learns and adapts to your unique water footprint. These new controls allow you to better troubleshoot issues yourself, as needed.

To learn more about how to use these new FloSense™ Advanced Settings, read our new blog post here.