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The 5 Biggest Water Wasters in Your Home

Homeowner June 21, 2018
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Unless you have a Flo, you’re likely consuming more water than you think. According to some sources, it’s possibly twice as much!

Each American uses between 80 and 100 gallons per day on average. You may balk at those numbers. Not me! I only drink a few glasses a day. But sometimes it’s about the water you don’t drink. (Hint: you flush it.)

In addition to the burden it puts on the environment, these lost gallons also translate into lost dollars when it comes to utility bills. Here are most impactful sources of residential water loss according to the USGS; remember them and make a point of reducing your water footprint by changing your household habits, and possibly changing your fixtures.


Daily Water Usage at Home

24% – Toilet

18-24 gallons

Old toilets use 3 gallons per flush and you’ll flush about 6-8 times per day. Low-flow toilets only use about 1.5 gallons per flush!

20% – Shower

20-50 gallons

A ten-minute shower will run you about 20 gallons, and that’s on the low end. Consider installing a low-flow showerhead and/or taking quicker showers.

19% – Faucets

26 gallons

The average person loses 26 gallons per day from running their faucets. Be mindful to turn off the faucet when you’re not using it, or install aerators or flow restrictors.

17% – Washing Machine

30 gallons

One laundry load on an average wash cycle uses roughly 30 gallons. However, Energy Star models use less the amount of water per load.

14% – Leaks

Most residents aren’t aware they have leaks but lose 14% of their water to them. Install a plumbing maintenance system like Flo to eliminate this unnecessary cause of water loss.

6% – Miscellaneous

The remaining 6 percent are from a variety of sources, such as bathtubs which take up to 36 gallons to fill, or dishwashing which can use up to 30 gallons per load. Be mindful of the frequency and length of time used for each.

While these stats of the average American household might be helpful to curb water costs in general, individualized data on your home’s water use is much more valuable. With Flo’s home protection plan, FloProtect, you can monitor your historical water consumption, set water-saving goals, and even understand which fixtures impact your usage the most. Get deeper insights into where you’re using the most water — from the shower, toilets, sprinkler system or washing machine, to any other appliances around the house.

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