The FloProtect Plan: A Guarantee Against the Unexpected
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The FloProtect Plan: A Guarantee Against the Unexpected

Gabe Halimi
Gabe Halimi
Gabe Halimi

A supplemental security and service plan for your Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff from the name you trust most in water.

Welcome to the all-new FloProtect Plan, from the name you trust most in water. This new plan is an unrivaled layer of security with on-demand expert advice and financial protection against the worst water damage events.

While the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff is proven to decrease water damage incidents by 96%, accidents can still happen. And while we can’t always predict these incidents, we can plan for them. And the new FloProtect Plan is designed to do just that:

What can I expect from a FloProtect Plan?

Whether you are concerned about water quality impacting the longevity of your device, want to avoid that costly insurance deductible, or just want the convenience of chatting on-demand with our team of experts, the FloProtect Plan is your cost-effective peace of mind for only $5.00/month. No hidden fees. No long-term contracts.

Each plan includes:

In the event that your home suffers catastrophic water damage, you can trust that with a FloProtect Plan, Flo by Moen will be there to deliver our We-Pay $5,000 Deductible Guarantee and help you recover from any unanticipated loss.

Every Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff comes with our standard one-year limited product warranty but with a FloProtect Plan, you can extend that warranty to 5-years, the best warranty in the industry. Regardless of climate, installation location, or use, you’ll get hassle-free product swaps and part replacements backed by the Moen name for an extra 4 years.

Unlock 5-star plumbing assistance with a real-time chat directly in your Flo by Moen app when you activate a FloProtect Plan today. Because Moen assembles the hardware, continuously improves the software, and works closely with plumbers nationwide, our experts understand how everything works internally and externally in your home’s plumbing. Together, you’ll be able to diagnose system alerts quicker, troubleshoot plumbing system warnings fast, and get ahead of general plumbing maintenance to ensure your home is secure.

Interested In FloProtect For Applications Beyond Single-Family Homes?

Learn more about FloProtect for multi-residential, HOA, property management, and other applications. Contact us to speak with our team for customized solutions.