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Top Ten Ways to Save Water at Home

Environment June 5, 2018
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Lindsay Cutler

Water has a sly way of getting away from us, whether we’re taking too many baths or simply forgetting to turn the tap off at home. You may not notice it, but those leaked gallons can turn into substantial leaked dollars every year. Do your best to keep tabs on your personal water habits and make sure your home isn’t committing these water-wasting sins.

1. Only wash full laundry loads

It’s tempting to run the washer when a few items pile up, but resist the urge and only do your laundry on a full load. Additionally, avoid the ‘permanent press’ cycle when you can — it uses five extra gallons when the ‘delicates’ cycle usually suffices.

2. Don’t overflush

We don’t necessarily subscribe to if it’s yellow it’s mellow, but we could all be more discriminating with our flushing. Not every piece tissue or floss needs to be flushed down the toilet just because we’re in the bathroom. Use the garbage!

3. Turn the tap off when brushing

A super-easy way to save gallons per day! If you turn the water off while brushing for the recommended two minutes (x2) per day, that’s roughly ten gallons saved!

4. Check for leaks

Leaks are the worst culprits for high water bills. They’ll run up your water bill and you may not even know where they’re coming from. Installing a Flo won’t just let you know when there’s a leak in the house — through data science and machine learning, it can even detect what fixture the leak is coming from.

5. Water your lawn when it’s cool out

Watering your lawn in the early morning or late evening will ensure the water has enough time to soak into the ground to give your lawn the best drink possible. If you’re extra-green, you may give up a manicured lawn entirely and commit to a yard full of succulents.

6. Take shorter showers

The average person uses roughly 17 gallons of water every time they shower. That’s a lot. Reduce your time in the shower, reduce your consumption and water bill.

7. Get water-efficient appliances and fixtures

Swap out your old toilets, showerheads and faucets for water-efficient low-flow models. With one new water-saving fixture, you’ll save thousands of gallons a year!

8. Fill up your sink to wash dishes

Hand-washing dishes can use up to 27 gallons per load. We understand not everyone has an Energy Star rated dishwasher, but there other ways to clean your dishes efficiently. Fill your sink with hot soapy water and set aside a bowl of cold water for rinsing. You’ll only use a few gallons this way and you won’t need to keep the tap running.

9. Recycle boiled water

You may not want to use your old pasta water, but once it’s cooled, your plants sure would appreciate it!

10. Soak your produce

Just like dishes, your fruits and veggies don’t need a running tap to get clean. Fill up a pot with water and wash all your produce at once. You can always save that water and reuse it to water your succulent garden outside.

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