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Why a Smart Home is a Smart Investment

Homeowner October 15, 2018
Arthur Brodskiy
Arthur Brodskiy

Smart Home is a Smart Investment

Smart living’s all the rage nowadays.

Smart heating, smart lighting, smart TV’s, smart ovens…you name it. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re on the fence about whether to jump on the trend.

Will a smart home pay for itself in the long run? Will it simplify your life or complicate it? Read on to see how you may benefit.

A Smart Home Saves You Money

Yes, smart technology lowers your utility bills. Here’s how much an average family of four in the United States would save with the bare minimum:

  • Smart Thermostat – adjusts temperature based on your habits

Yearly Savings – $219

  • Smart Power Strip – turns off power when not in use

Yearly Savings – $200

  • Leak Detection System – Shuts off water supply in the event of a leak

Yearly Savings – $256

Overall Yearly Savings – $675

But that’s just the start. You can increase your savings with a comprehensive set of smart devices, including an occupancy detection system, smart sprinklers, and a smart shower.

And it turns out insurance providers recognize these cost-savings too; many of them discount up to 10% off your annual premiums when you install these home automation systems.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

75.5% of users say that smart technology makes their home easier to live in.

Imagine leaving your home and never having to worry about whether you left the water running, whether you turned off the gas, or if you locked your doors.

Smart technology detects your presence and memorizes your habits so that you’re taken care of when you forget something. It automatically shuts off water and power if you leave something on. You can even manage your appliances and lock your doors remotely from your phone.

And here’s a fun benefit:

These devices help you cut down on unhealthy habits.

Ever wonder how much time you spend in front of the TV? With a Smart TV, you’ll know how much time you spend on each channel down to the minute.

What about time spent in the shower? With Flo, you can track exactly how much water you’re using per session.

In fact, you can improve almost any habit by measuring it. Remember: That which is measured improves.

What Smart Devices Benefit You Most?

So now you know what’s behind the hype. But which devices provide the greatest return on investment? After all, these upgrades are expensive and you want to be selective.

Here’s our list of the top-performing devices you should install. These suggestions are based on what racks up the highest costs on your utility bill.

Of course, Flo makes the list. With Flo, 60% of homeowners find leaks they didn’t know they had, preventing water damage. (The average claim costs $6,965!) Flo detects leaks and tracks real-time water usage throughout your entire household, and it allows you to remotely shut off your water supply in case of emergencies.

Combine that with automated electric, heating, and lighting devices, and you’re well on your way to enjoying your home rather than monitoring it.

See, smart technology lets you outsource home maintenance. We’re so used to keeping a close eye on our homes and attending to every little defect. But with smart home technology, your utilities learn to manage themselves…and you get to live with a clear conscience.

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