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Why Your Home Needs a Water Pressure Regulator

Homeowner August 15, 2018
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Lindsay Cutler

Your water pressure regulator, also known as a water pressure-reducing valve, has a huge influence on strength and longevity of your pipes. Located near your home’s water main and meter, this valve moderates the flow of water from the city to your home and protects your plumbing from water surges and irregular flow. Not all homes are equipped with a water pressure regulator, and even if they are, residents may not be correctly utilizing this device. Here are three reasons why your home needs a water pressure regulator.

To extend the lifespan of your fixtures and appliances

Most faucets and appliances made for homes were built to withstand water pressure of 50 psi. However, your municipal water line could be pumping water to your home at a rate as high as 150 psi! This puts a large amount of wear and tear on normally high-functioning devices, leading to frequent repairs or even expensive replacements. Your fixtures will be happier, healthier and last longer if your home maintains the appropriate water pressure.

To reduce the chances of leaks and pipe bursts

High water pressure can also lead to a breakdown of your home plumbing system. Pipes that are consistently under the duress of high pressure will invariably break down and lead to water hammering, chronic leaks and even pipe bursts.

To conserve water and save money on utility bills

For tenants and homeowners who pay their own water bills, the importance of conserving water quickly becomes apparent. In some parts of the world people exist on 3 gallons of water per day, while the average American home uses 100 gallons per days and wastes about 180 gallons per week. In addition to using a water pressure regulator, installing a leak detection system like Flo can be a huge factor in reducing your water consumption and saving money.

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