Your Toilet Could Be Leaking Right Now

Leak Detection May 11, 2018
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We use our toilets every day, yet to most of us, they remain a mystery. When something is wrong with our toilet, the first thing most of us do is call the plumber. Whether you’re a host looking to reduce water costs at your rental or simply trying to prevent mold and mildew in your home, here are a few ways to cut out the middleman and diagnose the leak yourself.

Hissing sounds

If you’re hearing a hissing or a trickling sound when the toilet isn’t in use, that’s a sign there might be a leak.

The water level is incorrect

If the water in the tank is not at the level specified by the manufacturer, there may be a problem. If the water level is above the overflow pipe, there could be a leak. Conversely, if the water level is too low, you may have a worn out flapper valve that needs replacement.

The ball float isn’t buoyant

This might mean you have a leak, or that your ballcock hardware needs adjustment or replacement if its older. Check the handle and chain to see where additional adjustments need to be made. If you’re unsure about the parts, this video takes you through the steps.

Test it with food coloring

The best way to tell if your toilet is leaking is by administering the food coloring test. Simply put a tablet of food coloring — or ten drops – into the water tank and wait thirty minutes. If the water in the toilet bowl changed color, you know the seal is leaking and that your toilet is wasting water.