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Smart Water Security can be customized to fit your home's unique protection needs or you can select a pre-made Kit for simple and quick protection against leaks and water damage.

Smart Water Faucets

Nio Smart Water Faucet Collection

Smart Water Security Products

Smart Water Detectors

Dynamic protection against fixture malfunction, drain backup, and environmental damage.

Smart Water Shutoff (Temporarily Sold out)

Whole-home internal plumbing monitoring and automatic water-shutoff.  Does not include installation.

Smart Water Security Kits

Shutoff Extension Kit

Emergency backup power and dynamic fixture, drain, and environmental monitoring for your Smart Water Shutoff.

Fixture Monitoring Kit

Customizable monitoring of the most vulnerable fixtures and appliances in your home.

Smart Water Security Accessories

Leak Sensing Cable

Enhance your Smart Water Detectors with 6 feet of leak sensing capability.

Shutoff Extension Cord (Backordered until 10-27-21)

A 25-foot low voltage extension cord to help your Shutoff reach power.

Shutoff Battery Backup

Always-on ready backup power for your Smart Water shutoff.