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Total Home Kit

Our best-selling Smart Water system

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Complete Protection For Your Family's Home

Our best-selling Kit combines the industry-leading interior plumbing technology of the Shutoff  with enough of our award-winning Detectors to provide ample water monitoring and security for most homes. Run daily Health Tests for whole-home plumbing monitoring and place the Detectors in areas susceptible to fixture, drain, or environmental damage for total home peace of mind.

Commonly Monitors
Water Heaters
Washing Machines
Protects Against
Pipe Leaks
Frozen Pipes
Foundation Leaks
Shower Leaks
Toilet Leaks
Sink Leaks

End-to-End Peace of Mind

Moen’s Complete Smart Water System

Automatic Shut-Off
Smart Water Shutoff

24/7 plumbing monitoring with daily Health tests and automatic shut-off.

Fixture Monitoring
Smart Water Detector

Extend the Shutoff power by monitoring fixtures or drains for leaks.

Remote Management
Flo by Moen App

Run Health Tests, track water usage, and turn off your water remotely.

We-Pay Guarantee
FloProtect Plan

Shutoff owners are eligible for optional insurance against catastrophic damage.



1Download the free Flo by Moen App from the App Store or Google Play store

2Create a Flo by Moen account

3Pair your Shutoff with your account using the mobile App

4Have the Shutoff professionally installed

View Full Smart Water Shutoff Manual

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Common Questions

The Total Home Kit includes a Smart Water Shutoff (pick your water line size) and a 3-Pack of Smart Water Detectors. Every Detector comes with an optional mounting bracket and an optional Remote Sensing Disc. This Kit also includes 2 Leak Sensing Cables.
While the Smart Water Shutoff monitors your home plumbing for signs of compromise and dangerous leaks, it can't always detect fixture failure. Things like water heaters, sink drains, and refrigerators breakdown and leak outside of your core plumbing.
Nope! As of August 17th, 2020, we’ve discontinued the monthly subscription needed to unlock advanced data features. All features and data are now freely available to all Shutoff users.
The Shutoff does require a normal 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection to setup and maintain consistent software updates. NOTE: The Smart Water Shutoff is Wi-Fi enabled, not dependent. Your water usage data is stored locally on the device in case of Wi-Fi outages.