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Added Security For What Matters Most

Get even more out of your Smart Water Shutoff with FloProtect, a comprehensive subscription service that lets you store and access more of your home water’s data, provides a deductible reimbursement guarantee, and opt-in to professional monitoring from a trained Water Concierge for added peace of mind.

Bundle Flo by Moen + FloProtect

Use the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff as intended, and we’ll cover the cost of your insurance deductible in the unlikely event of catastrophic water damage.

For more information, see the terms and conditions here.

Our team of Water Concierges monitor your home and proactively find solutions for you if a problem is detected. Gain access to our in-app Live Chat feature where you can receive troubleshooting tips and solve issues quickly.

See your water usage by fixture and appliance use, historical consumption, and track against water-saving goals.

Your Smart Water Shutoff will come with an additional 2 years of product warranty. 

By installing a Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff, you may save on your homeowner’s insurance. Our Water Concierge will prepare customized letters for your insurance company verifying that your home is protected by Flo by Moen + FloProtect’s added security. (Available upon request)





($5 / month)

Proactive Alarms

(including FloSense Technology)

Daily Health Tests

(including FloSense Technology)

Auto + Remote Water Shutoff

Water Damage Guarantee*

Limited Product Warranty

1 year

3 year

Proactive Monitoring

Product Support

Water Usage by Fixture

Conservation Goal

Data Analytics



Live Chat Support

Water Concierge

Insurance Verification Letter

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Interested In FloProtect For Applications Beyond Single-Family Homes?

Learn more about FloProtect for multi-residential, HOA, property management, and other applications. Contact us to speak with our team for customized solutions.

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