Meet the Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System

Posted on 19/10/2020 by Gabriel Halimi

Meet the industry-leading Flo by Moen Smart Home Water Security System. A suite of products that work together to protect your home from supply-side and drain-side water damage and leaks, 24/7. Welcome to smarter plumbing.

As the leader of the smart home water technology industry, Flo by Moen offers homeowners the essentials for the entire Smart Water Security system in their homes. We also have  created Smart Water Security Kits that provide multiple layers of protection from discounted essentials.

In this article, get familiar with the entire Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System that ensures total home protection (supply- and drain-side) with the Smart Water Shutoff, Smart Water Detector, and the optimizing accessories, all of which are connected by the Flo by Moen App.

For supply-side protection, Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff

The Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff is the industry-leading leak detection and water monitoring device. Installed on the main water supply line, one device proven to protect the entire home from water damage and leaks, guaranteed.

The Shutoff (left) installed on a home's main water supply line (right)
How does it work?

The Smart Water Shutoff is a hardware device with leak-sensing technology that work together to detect leaks with real-time notifications via the Flo by Moen App.


The Smart Water Shutoff is installed on the home's main water supply line where it actively monitors the water flow rate and pressure 24/7, as it flows from the municipal city water line into your home's plumbing system. The device has a pressure sensor and flow rate sensor (turbine) built within to measure the pressure and flow rate in real-time.

The Shutoff also monitors the area temperature of the location in which the device is installed, to accurately provide early warning indicators of freezing pipes that can lead to higher water pressure that applies serious stress to the entire home's plumbing, which can lead to burst pipes, drains, and even damaged appliances.

FloSense™ & MicroLeak™  Technology

The entire system is supported by our FloSense™ technology, which learns the unique water footprint of your home. Once the Smart Water Shutoff is paired to your Flo by Moen App and installed, it will enter into Learning Mode. For the next 7 days of water usage (i.e., water is being used in the home/homeowner is not away on vacation), the Shutoff develops an initial understanding of the typical water usage patterns in the home. Certain app features including alerts, fixture labels and automatic shutoff will be enabled once Learning Mode has been completed. Once your Shutoff has gained that base knowledge set upon the completion of Learning Mode, the learning does not stop there. The Shutoff will continue to learn, adapting to the latest behaviors.

As it gets to know your home's unique water footprint, FloSense™ builds on expanding knowledge to identify when there are irregularities or inconsistencies and quickly alert you of a potential leak. It can also be customized to different sensitivity levels so that you can control the Shutoff’s responsiveness to water activity outside of your usual habits.

Additionally, the Smart Water Shutoff runs daily automatic Health Tests with our patented MicroLeak™ technology to ensure that your home is leak-free. This regular testing is another way the Shutoff provides protection and peace of mind. These are pressure-loss tests on your plumbing system to ensure your home is leak-free by briefly isolating the water in your home plumbing and monitoring for any drops or irregularities in pressure, down to one drop per minute. Health Tests can also be run manually at any time. This regular testing is another way the Shutoff continuously provides protection and peace of mind.

What else does it need to work?

The Smart Water Shutoff needs a few essentials in the home for it to work properly.

Above-ground main water supply line shutoff valve

The Smart Water Shutoff will be installed on the main water supply line coming into the home, downstream of the main shutoff valve (it is not intended to replace the existing shutoff valve). If your home's main water supply line shutoff valve is not accessible above-ground, additional plumbing work may be necessary for installation. We recommend professional installation completed by a licensed plumber.

Pressure-Reducing Valve (not essential, but ideal)

If your home's main water supply line has a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) installed, the Smart Water Shutoff will be installed downstream (after) the PRV. A PRV is ideal for most residential plumbing applications because it balances out the erroneous pressure dips and spikes to provide a more smooth and stable supply of pressure to the home at all times. It basically helps to preserve the entire plumbing system and its connected appliances. A PRV also allows the homeowner to fine tune the water supply pressure coming into the home and, with a Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff installed, you can adjust your own home's supply pressure easily using the real-time telemetry data in the Flo by Moen App.


The Smart Water Shutoff needs access to power from where it will be installed (on the main water supply line). Any standard outlet will do. The Shutoff comes with a 10-ft. power cord.

If the power outlet is more than 10ft away from the main water supply line where the Shutoff will be installed, Flo by Moen offers 25-ft. extension cords. Up to four (4) of these cords can be connected together (total of 100-ft. extension cord).

Flo by Moen 25 ft. Extension Cord, available on meetflo.com.
What if power is lost?

In the event of a power disruption in your home, your Smart Water Shutoff will stop working. Unless you have the Flo by Moen Battery Backup!

Flo by Moen Battery Backup for the Smart Water Shutoff

The Battery Backup will sustain the Shutoff for 3+ days after loss of power. Once the power is disrupted, the Shutoff will immediately switch to the battery supply in order to maintain power to your device. That way, if power is lost for any amount of time within the guaranteed backup period, you're still protected.


The Smart Water Shutoff needs WiFi so that the homeowner can control it via the Flo by Moen App. Think of it as the bridge connecting you to your device. Without WiFi, you can not disable alarms, customize your health test, or have access to all the features provided in the app including water usage and fixture detection data. Note: If the WiFi signal is not strong in the area where the Shutoff will be installed, WiFi extensions may be needed.

What if the WiFi goes down?

The Smart Water Shutoff is unique in that it is WiFi-enabled, not WiFi-dependent. What's the difference? If your home WiFi tanks, your Shutoff can still automatically turn off your home's water in the event of a leak and prevent catastrophic water damage. Yes, your home will still be protected if internet is lost! The Shutoff will act according to the mode (Home, Away, Sleep) that it was set to before WiFi was lost. Remember that alerts, fixture labels and the automatic shutoff feature are enabled once Learning Mode has been completed.

For area-based protection, the Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector protects your home’s supply- and drain-side

Leaks not only happen in single-family homes but also in apartment buildings, condos, duplexes, etc. Unlike the Smart Water Shutoff that requires your home to have a unique plumbing system for supply-side protection, the Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector does not have such plumbing system requirements and can be used in any type of home to catch any type of leak. Since Detectors can be placed anywhere in the home, they detect moisture through the wall if a pipe on the supply line is leaking or next to the base of the toilet to detect a drainage leak. You can have one or many, with or without the Smart Water Shutoff.

Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector Overview
How does it work?

Detectors can be placed anywhere in the home that may be particularly vulnerable to drainage leaks (i.e., water heaters, toilets, washing machines) or weather-related leaks. If water leaks, freezing temperatures, or irregular changes in humidity are detected, the Detector will beep and flash red while also sending you real-time notifications through the Flo by Moen App.

Detectors can work independently and they can also be used in conjunction with the Shutoff for maximum protection with features enabled in the Flo by Moen App. A leak sensed by the Detector will automatically trigger the valve shut-off feature on the Shutoff to protect your home from water damage immediately.


The Smart Water Detector is an environmental sensor that has three unique sensors built within to detect moisture, humidity, and temperatures changes in the environment in which it is placed.

Leak Sensors, Accessories, and Functionality
Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector Accessories and Placement Guide

There are many use cases to help guide how to use the Detector and its accessories. When the device is used alone, the leak sensors are located at the back of the Detector and can be used with or without the accessory base that also acts as a wall mount clip (included in the box). For example, the Detector can be placed on the floor next to a toilet or below the sink in case the p-trap has a leak.

When used with any accessory, the Detector will need to be placed directly into the accessory base. When an accessory is attached to the detector, the sensors on the back of the Detector become inactive while the sensors on the accessories activate. Any configuration with an accessory does not require the accessory base to be used as a wall mount clip.

Detector with Remote-Sensing Disc (accessory included in the box):

Detector on wall attached by Wall Mount Base with Remote Sensing Disc attached.

When the Remote Sensing Disc is attached to the Smart Water Detector, the sensors on the base unit of the Detector de-activate while those on the remote sensing disc activate. You can place the Remote Sensing Disk in hard to reach places that your Detector cannot reach, such as behind or below a dishwasher. If the disc senses any moisture, or changes in temperature or humidity. Note: The 4 ft. cord of the Remote Sensing Disc does not have leak-sensing technology (only the disc itself). 

Detector with Leak Sensing Cable (additional accessory):

Detector on wall with Leak Sensing Cable attached and laid across window sill.

When the Leak Sensing Cable is attached to the Detector, the sensors on the base unit of the Detector de-activate while those on the entire leak sensing cable or cord activate. Unlike the Remote Sensing Disc, the entire length of the cable (6 ft) has leak detection technology, maximizing the area you can detect and protect. The Cable has an open adapter at the end so that you can connect it to the Remote Sensing Disc or join up to three (3) different Leak Sensing Cables for additional feet of protection.

What else does it need to work?

In its most basic functioning, the Smart Water Detector only requires a battery to operate. However to access the full features of the Detector's capabilities, WiFi is needed to allow for communication between your smartphone, Detector, and Smart Water Shutoff (if your home has one).


The Detector uses 1 CR123A Lithium Cell battery (comes in the box) with a battery life of 2 years. Note: Battery life is affected by the total time in active WiFi mode, which is influenced by the time to pair to WiFi, the alarm activity, the number of data transmissions per day, and the duration of each WiFi connection.


The Detector can work without WiFi, as the device will beep and flash red if it detects environmental changes that indicate a leak. However, in order for the Detector to send you real-time alerts via your smartphone, or to activate the automatic shut-off feature on the Smart Water Shutoff if your home has one, WiFi is essential for these types of communication and responses to alerts.

Total Home Protection

With the Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System, you can have total home protection with the Smart Water Shutoff and Smart Water Detectors. You can even purchase Water Security Kits that bundle these products at a discounted price to provide everything you need to keep your home leak-free, guaranteed.

In Review

The Smart Water Shutoff provides protection against the larger issue of supply line leaks, while Smart Water Detectors will sense floods, water spills and drips, and drainage-related problems. The Shutoff is designed to catch 80% of the water damage issues that occur caused by water coming into your home, through your supply line. The other 20% of water damage issues occur due to issues on the drain-side. The Detector catches these while also acting as an environmental sensor that can work independently with wide applications for your home. When used together, the Detector will communicate with the Shutoff to turn your water off if liquid is detected for maximum protection against water damage.

All in All, the Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System is here to bring homeowners peace of mind with proactive monitoring of your home's entire plumbing system (supply- and drain-side) to help prevent loss, one drip at a time.

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