Preventing loss,
one drip at a time.

Backed by years of plumbing expertise and industry leading technology, Flo detects and stops leaks. From your toilet, shower or faucet, to the pipes in your foundation and behind your walls, Flo monitors all of them so there’s no surprises on your water bill or catastrophes when you come home from vacation. Here’s how it works:

One Flo device installs on the main water supply line, monitoring all water flowing into your home. Powered by machine learning, FloSense™ technology maximizes your water security and savings by learning your behavior and tailoring protection to your home. When abnormalities are detected, it’s important to stop those leaks.  In this case, Flo will send alerts to your phone via text, email, and even calling you if the issue is critical enough.  All of these alerts are customizable and help put you in control. You can shut-off the water, get troubleshooting tips, or contact your plumber, all from your phone.

Flo’s MicroLeak™ technology runs proactive tests, identifying tiny leaks you’d likely never know existed but that could cause significant damage over time, like mold behind walls. We’re talking leaks as small as a drop per minute, a key early indicator of vulnerability in pipes, fixtures and appliance.

Your smartphone is command central. From here you can get alerts and turn your water on or off from anywhere in the world (assuming you’re connected). You can view your consumption patterns, or even contact your plumber to have them come fix a problem. But if you don’t have your phone with you, don’t worry, Flo is smart enough to automatically shut the water off for you if something dangerous is happening.

Have questions on installation, fixing a problem, received a notification and not sure what to do - our team is here to help.

All of this adds up to best-in-class water security and savings for your home.
Peace of mind that you aren’t wasting water or money, and that your home is protected.
Given that your home is 2x as likely to suffer from water damage than from theft and fire combined,
Flo is crucial preventative care for your home and family.