How Water Leak Detection Systems Work

Owning a home is a big investment—and a huge responsibility.  With that in mind, there are few things that strike more fear into the minds of a homeowner than unknowingly having water leaking into your home —especially when that occurs suddenly due to a frozen or burst pipe while you are at work or on vacation.  Of course, not all water leaks result in flooded basements, ruined walls and floors, and personal property loss. While these things of course do happen, small leaks that go undetected behind walls can also cause damage over time, waste money, and be just as devastating. However, there is a solution in the form of a leak detection system with water shut off capabilities. This proactive approach to the problem, helps homeowners detect and solve issues before they become bigger problems.

The technology behind a leak detection system is complex in its detail but somewhat straightforward in its application—they are designed to protect a home by detecting leaks or abnormal water usage as it happens and then stopping the water flow prior to major damage occurring. They’re a security system for your plumbing in a sense.  The system is installed on the main water supply line, and then, using a combination of sensors, the device can recognize different characteristics of the water system (i.e. plumbing)—and be able to understand what is deemed “normal” and what isn’t. Ultimately, a system like this can offer great peace of mind to any home or property owner.

Prevent Home Water Damage

Discovering or even suspecting that you have a water leak in your home can be a huge and costly headache to deal with—especially since it traditionally entails a spike in water bills, multiple visits from a plumber, and possible home repairs until the issue is truly managed.  However, all of these things can be completely minimized and potentially avoided with a leak detection system with automatic water shut off.

Installing a leak detection system in your home can truly be a game changer; this system will prevent home water damage while also saving you money in the long run and minimizing risk.  Plus, technology associated with systems like this has dramatically improved, and what is available helps your home operate more efficiently and effectively, with a higher IQ. Modern leak detection systems are highly customizable and can assist you as you work to conserve one of our most valuable natural resources—water.

Save Money with Flo

Introducing Flo Technologies, a first of its kind whole-home leak detection system.  Flo was created out of personal need and the heartbreak experienced when the founder’s family arrived home after a vacation to a flooded living room.  

Designed as a security system for the home water supply, Flo offers a water monitoring and a shutoff system that proactively detects all leaks, including micro-leaks (leaks as small as a single drop of water per minute anywhere in the system) as well as other vulnerabilities.  Flo can save money in a few different ways. Most commonly, Flo has the ability to tell you if your home has no leaks, which no other device on the market today can. Knowing you don’t have leaks means you’re not paying for water that isn’t being used and rather is lost due to leaks.  Secondly, in situations related to a burst pipe or other abnormal and catastrophic type situation, Flo alerts you immediately and allows you to turn off your water from the Flo mobile app, regardless if you’re home or away. In the situation where you’re not looking or able to respond to your alerts, Flo is smart enough to take action autonomously by shutting off the water itself to protect your home. Additionally, Flo intuitively knows what is “normal” for your home.  It monitors water flow, pressure, and temperature in real time, running automated tests and alerting you when a potential vulnerability is present. This allows risks associated to be minimized and prevented.

Additionally, Flo offers you a control center by way of a smartphone app.  This lets you always be in tune with your real-time water usage and even set conservation goals. Furthermore, Flo offers you peace of mind, no matter if you are at home, at work, or away for an extended period.  With Flo, you will always be alerted if there is an issue, allowing you to control what is happening at your home.

Through improved home automation capabilities, Flo Technologies will help you feel more comfortable and secure in your house always.  Learn more about how Flo can protect your home, prevent water damage, and save you money by reaching out to our team today.