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Flo is collaborating with UPC Insurance to provide it’s customers a Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff for 20% off!  Click on the video below to learn how the system works!

Please note: We recommend professional installation by an experienced plumber.  The installation cost is not covered with this promotion.

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UPC Insurance Offer

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Total Protection Out of the Box

24/7 Monitoring

Whether you're home or away, the Smart Water Shutoff is constantly monitoring your home, detecting leaks of all sizes.

Smartphone Control

If an issue is detected with your home's plumbing, receive alerts in real-time from your Flo by Moen App.

Daily Health Tests

Runs daily health tests with Microleak™ technology to ensure that your home is leak free.

Remote & Automatic

If a catastrophic water event is detected, the Smart Water Shutoff will automatically turn off your home's water in order to prevent water damage. Also, control your home's water remotely through the app.

Reviews & Highlights


A water hose started leaking in the yard and the device prevented hours of water spillage.

- Maria S.


"One of my kids left a sink on before we left for the weekend, I was alerted while we were gone and turned the water main off from my phone."

- David E.


Our water heater started leaking at midnight and Flo automatically shut off water supply.

- Mitesh S,

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