Find out which PRV is right for Your Home

What is a pressure reducing valve? Pressure reducing valves, better known as PRVs, are devices that work to slow down the pressure of water flowing into your home. They are installed on the main water line next to the shut-off valve.
Why do I need a pressure reducing valve? High pressure shortens the lifespan of your home’s water system. Too much pressure can cause leaks, floods, and busted appliances. High pressure also inflates your water bill as more water is being used on a day-to-day basis. By using a PRV, you can prevent costly repairs and reduce your water bill.
If you do not have a pressure reducing valve installed, we recommend installing a PRV on your main line to lower your home’s water pressure.
If you have a pressure reducing valve already installed, it is possible your PRV is worn out. If your PRV is over ten years old, you should confirm that your PRV is keeping your pressure under 80 PSI. You can use the Control Panel on your Flo by Moen app or a pressure gauge to get an instant read on your home’s pressure. If you find your PRV is faulty and is not regulating your pressure, we recommend replacing it with an exact match.
Let Flo recommend a pressure reducing valve for your home and receive a 20% discount on your PRV purchase.