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Why Pressure Matters?

The Power of Pressure

Did you know that most water meters and leak detection devices can’t detect pinhole leaks up to a drop per minute? That’s problematic because small drips are often undetectable, hidden inside walls and ceilings, and are early indicators of big problems like pipe bursts, and toxic mold.

Simply put, you can’t prevent water damage and protect your home without proactively monitoring the pressure in your pipes. That’s why pressure sensing is a cornerstone of the Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System.

The Blood Pressure of Your Home

Water pressure in your home is like blood pressure in your body. As your blood pressure rises it puts stress on parts of your body and can cause serious problems. The same is true for the home — high water pressure is serious stress being applied to your entire home’s plumbing. Left untreated, high water pressure can cause burst pipes, fixtures, and even ruin your appliances.

Because the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff monitors your home’s pressure in real-time, it’s like having a doctor monitoring your blood pressure 24/7, helping you identify potential plumbing disasters before they strike.

Proactive Maintenance

There’s only one way to get peace of mind that you don’t currently have any leaks in your home. When the EPA’s WaterSense program certifies a leak-free home, it’s verified through “pressure-loss testing", not via a water meter. This is how our Smart Home Water Security System works as well.

Our Smart Water Shutoff’s MicroLeak™ technology runs proactive Health Tests every night to identify pinhole leaks you’d likely never know existed. Over time, these small leaks can lead to dangerous black mold behind and catastrophic water damage to your home.

Beware The Freeze

Bursting water pipes are a major concern when winter temperatures drop. But why do the pipes burst?

It’s all about pressure.

As water becomes ice, an immense amount of water pressure builds between the ice blockage and your fixtures, eventually causing the pipe to burst. With the Flo by Moen Smart Home Water Security System, we combat this in two ways. Our Smart Water Shutoff alerts you to pressure and temperature changes in plumbing, while our Smart Water Detectors can be placed strategically to monitor freezing temperatures in the rest of the home.