Don’t Procrastinate – Get One Installed

Wappingers Falls, NY
I invested in this great product over a year ago and have no regrets; in fact, love it. The App is so well designed that even those who are not technical can use it. I have been telling all of my contacts to get it installed because in my expert opinion there is no better product out there at any price. Most people have ignored my suggestion because they think that "it won't happen to me" but someday they will agree and that would be too late. Yesterday I learned that one of our friends had 3 feet, yes, you read it right, of water in basement due to water leak while they were at sleep. Now everyone wants to know about this product so I am happy to share. With this product you don't put leak detectors anywhere. These are battery operated and you possibly can not cover every square foot where leak my occur. This smart device knows when something may be wrong and steps are taken immediately to stop any damage. It certainly is a 5 star product.