Flo device best for household use, not irrigation

Studio City, CA
The Flo device is best for household use, less so for irrigation which in my household is the biggest water user. Since irrigation use fluctuates wildly due to the weather it is a challenge to program the water use so that Flo can accurately monitor the use and alert me and shut off the water in case of a leak. Also if one has extraordinary use even with a household use, such as draining a pool, one must remember to put their Flo device to sleep during that time because if they don't respond to the leak warnings the water will be shut off. These extraordinary water use events cause the user to have to think more about when they are using water and what this means for the Flo device. Bottom line - having a Flo device sometimes involves water incidents that are not real leaks thus causing the user to have to contact Flo.
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Flo’s Response 05/05/2018

Thank you for sharing your feedback, Pam. We’re continuing to improve our technology on a daily basis and are constantly updating Flo to be more reliable. If you need further assistance regarding this please email support@meetflo.com or call 844-633-8356.