Flo has exceeded even my fussy expectations!`

Golden, CO
Having now had my Flo device for several months, my only regret is that i did not get it sooner. I have never worried about damage from a fire or burglary, but I have been concerned about damage from a leak that might occur while we are away from home. My insurance company told me that water damage claims are several hundred percent more than fire and burglary claims combined. After getting a discount from my insurance company after installing Flo, my agent told me that last year, he had a water damage claim that was nearly $100,000. And even after all the clean up, you really don't know if hidden water damage could start mold and mildew problems which can cause major damage and are not covered by any insurance company. Another concern was that my Pressure Reducer Valve (PRV) might fail again as it did two years ago, causing an increase in pressure that is not only damaging to the home's plumbing but also to shut off valves in your refrigerator's water dispenser, toilets, washing machines, and dish washers. Thanks to Flo, I no longer worry about a water leak or failure of my PRV. The Flo app is amazing. I love the all the options and data it provides me. And last but not least, I appreciate Flo's great customer support.