Flo is Exactly What I was Looking For

Order Flo a few days ago after four slab leaks in different homes around the neighborhood in one week. I figured I'd rather know ahead of time if I've got a slow leak then waiting for my newly decorated home to suffer a ton of damage. Installed it in two hours, and so far - very impressed. The user experience was flawless throughout unboxing, setup and installation. And within three days, by monitoring Flo, I found a a big issue with my home plumbing. I noticed a spike in pressure from about 46PSI to over 110PSI 3 or 4 times a day. Traced the issue to a lack of a hot water expansion tank which is now required by code in CA. Never would have known we had an issue without seeing the pressure move so rapidly via the Flo dashboard. It's very obvious a ton of care and thought has gone into the design and execution of this product, and already I've got neighbors and friends asking about getting one for their homes.