Flo saved our home – literally

Montgomery, TX
To say that Flo is an indispensable part of our home would be an understatement -- without it, our lakehouse would've had more water inside than outside! My husband and I received a Flo alert notifying us that there was a leak somewhere in our home, and that the water would be shut off to prevent any further damage. Having previously received a couple false alarms, I hopped on the phone with a Flo customer representative, Vincent, who was supremely patient and helpful in checking out the situation from afar. He informed me that there was indeed a leak in the house, and that he would recommend shutting off the water to ensure that the situation did not worsen. He did say, however, that he would turn the water back on shortly before I made my way to the house so that I could diagnose the problem and see exactly where the leak was. I gave him another call before my hour-long drive to the house, and about five minutes before I walked in the door, the water was turned back on. As soon as I walked in the house, I could hear water shooting out of a leak in the bar sink. In just a few minutes, the water had already pooled on the floor, and without Flo, the entirety of our home would have been covered in water. I called Flo again to have the water turned off, and they were supremely helpful in walking me through the best next steps. I absolutely cannot recommend this product or its customer service enough!
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Flo’s Response 07/24/2018

Hi Lan, We are glad to hear that we prevented a potentially catastrophic leak in your lakehouse. Our customer support is always here to help! Thank you for sharing your experience.