Flo solved a mystery and saved me lots of $$$ in the future

San Francisco, CA
I live in a nearly 100-year-old home in San Francisco with wonky plumbing and plenty of surprises. About a year ago, I came home from work and was in the door less than 5 minutes when I heard a loud bang. Concerned, I ran to my downstairs garage to find water spraying everywhere. My water heater in-take line had snapped off and water sprayed out. I quickly turned off my main water supply and started to clean things up. I could not believe the connection could snap like that. One of my engineering friends was shocked and said: "that is not supposed to happen". At the same time, I kept thinking what if I hadn't come home...my house would have been flooded. I knew I needed to find a way to guarantee this would not happen again...thankfully I learned about FLO. I installed FLO myself, pretty easy actually...excited for some peace of mind with the auto-shut off feature. The device started to learn about my water and quickly detected a high-pressure level. At first, I didn't believe it, it said my water pressure was over 120+ PSI...which sounded crazy. After checking my pressure with another gauge, I realized FLO was spot on and had solved my water heater mystery. The high pressure caused wear on the lines and it finally snapped. I actually live on a hill in San Francisco and the extra pressure is supposed to pump water up the hill, but the city never tells you that. That high of pressure can lead to all sorts of leaks, breaks, and expensive water damage. FLO recommended me a pressure regulator and after a 10 minute install my old house was safe...pressure at a normal 50-70 psi range and an auto-shutoff system monitoring just in case. All thanks to FLO. I highly recommend FLO to all home owners, particularly ones with old homes. You will save money, quickly find leaks and have peace of mind that when you're away, your home will stay dry.
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Flo’s Response 05/24/2018

Thanks for sharing your story, David!  Happy to hear that Flo helped prevent damage to your home. Also really glad you took care of that pressure issue. High water pressure does nothing but damage to a homes plumbing system!