Great piece of mind!

In addition to around-the-clock monitoring for piece of mind, our Flo device helped identify several leaks that had gone undetected. Even after replacing a toilet fill valve with a new one, Flo identified the new valve as faulty; a second replacement was a success -- no leaks in our system. Flo also identified our new water softener as using excessive water. The first night the new water softener began its re-charge cycle, Flo recognized the unusual water demand (as though we had a major leak), and automatically turned off our water. When I shared our detailed water use information from our Flo on-line account with the installer of the water softener, the installer realized he had incorrectly adjusted the new water softener. Without Flo, we never would have recognized that the water softener was using four times as much water as required! Flo has also helped us monitor our weekly water usage. Since installing Flo, we have reduced our water consumption by 60%. Highly recommended to conserve water and protect your home.