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Burnsville, NC
I received an alert, at 11:30 PM indicating that my water had been running for over 60 minutes. Because I didn't respond my water was automatically shut off. The next morning I turned the water back on and saw the water was still running at over 1 gallon per minute. I contacted my renter and found a toilet was continuously running following a flush. A large water bill was diverted. I also received an alert indicating high water pressure. Reading was 152 PSI. Pressure should never exceed 75 PSI. I contacted a plumber and found that I had no pressure control valve. PCV was installed and avoided potential water line break.
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Flo’s Response 08/23/2018

Thanks for sharing your story, Joe! Happy to hear that Flo helped prevent that large water bill. Also really glad you took care of that pressure issue. High water pressure does nothing but damage to a homes plumbing system!