Must have for your home and especially a vacation home

Pueblo, CO
Received a call we all dread from the caretaker to our vacation home in the mountains. "I just walked into your home and stepped into water", she said. We had a pressure surge when the water supply was turned back on for our development by the city and it caused a faucet connection to fail. Since we do not live there full time, it was not caught and fan for a few days. This all could have been prevented or minimized if we would have had Flo installed. I now have peace of mind knowing I have a line of defense in place to prevent the nightmare from reoccurring. When I installed the device in my vacation home I called the wonderful tech support and they helped me with an issue I was having with the app on my phone, I had skipped a step in the easy set up instructions they provide and he fixed the issue. Vince let me know that I had something running, I didn't think I did. He said I should walk through my home and check. I did not find anything inside and decided to look outside and found a drip coming out of a hose pipe. Worked so well, I had one installed on our home. The system runs a daily health test and it detected a slight leak, one not showing any flow but triggered by a pressure drop in the line during the test. Flo has you run through an isolation protocol and sure enough when I shut off the supply to one of my toilets, the pressure held. I could not hear the drip and had to wait a while to see a drip, but it was there. I am off to the hardware store to pick up a new water float shutoff valve for that toilet. Great product.