Note to self: Listen to Flo next time!

Los Angeles, CA
My morning started on May 9, 2018 like all other days, drinking coffee and checking emails when my cell phone rang at 5:59 am. I was quite surprised because I never get calls that early in the morning. It was the automated system from Flo alerting me that I had a major leak in my house. As I know my sprinklers come on at 5:30, I ignored the call and pressed 2 to tell the system not to shut off the water to my house. The automated system said that it would check again in 2 hours. I then left for the gym. As soon as I stepped out of the gym at 8:10, my phone rang again, the Flo system alerting me once again that I had a leak. Knowing that this is the time my daughter gets ready for work, I again pressed 2 to tell the system not to shut off the water and figured I would check everything out when I get home. Two minutes later my phone rang again, this time it was Vince, the technical support from Flo informing me that my water usage was way above normal, and he had already shut off the water to my house fearing a major leak. I asked him to please turn the water back on and I would check everything when I get home in a few minutes. Just minutes away from home, my daughter called telling me that one of the downstairs bathroom and the adjoining office was completely flooded. I rushed home finding both the bathroom and the office had about 2 inches of standing water. The problem was the galvanized pipe supplying the toilet in the bathroom. The pipe had disintegrated at the base of the valve. Note to self: Listen to Flo next time. A lot of damage and headache could have been prevented if I had allowed the system to shut off the water on the very first alert.