Saved my Wallet and Septic!

Sonoma County, CA
Last year, we installed FLO at a second home in northern Sonoma County. The house is only intermittently occupied, on septic, and on relatively expensive water. FLO has been sensational at both identifying water consumptive fixtures, and resolving problems. Installation was easy and economical - it installs like a union, and since it was initialized, has been operating flawlessly. We had one older toilet which was not only using >3.5 gallons per flush, but occasionally would not seat properly and keep running. On at least three occasions, FLO detected the excess consumption and automatically shut down the house water while we were not on site. Not only did we save on water, but prevented overburdening a septic system with limits. Speaking of septic, less is more, so we are confident that going from hundreds of gallons per day to under one hundred gallons will make a significant difference in lowering maintenance costs and extending longevity of the septic. This was easily done with the information from FLO. The nice thing about the system is that not only does it give you information, but it gives you the opportunity to intervene, either manually or automatically, when excess or atypical use is detected. It includes a system health check which cleverly makes use of the built in pressure sensor to detect even small leaks, and does this automatically, daily. Definitely a great addition to the internet of things. Cannot recommend too highly!